Picture of the Week

I have decided to try and take pictures every week to make this a real legitimate picture of the week. I have also decided to be a realist and knowing that I will miss a week or three, I am going to use some old pictures as well. Some of these I MAY have used in another blog post, but I think most of them are new to this blog. Even if they are repeats, I hope the added context to them will be worth it!


I love this picture. I think it is an okay picture. I need to trim it a bit, and I did not stick to the rule of three when taking it. But I love the moment of it. This is from our trip to Yangoon in Myanmar. It was taken at Swedagon Pagoda, the holiest site for the Buddhists of the country. (which for those keeping score at home, is almost all of the people in the country) These are young nuns. Everyone usually serves for some length of time in a monastery. For some it is a life long pursuit, others it might just be a few weeks. These girls all marched out together, sat down neatly in their rows, and starting praying together out loud. In Buddhism, this comes across like a song.  It was beautiful to see. Whenever I am at a religious site I hem and haw about taking photos of people engaged in worship. When we visit Hindu sites, I try not to take photos of the idols inside the temples, the ones people are actively praying to. But here, I saw a few monks taking photos so I figured it was okay. I like this photo because it was a picture of kids being kids. They were done praying and seemed to be trying to figure out what to do with themselves. For comparison, here is another photo.


Here they are actively praying. Again, some monks were taking pictures of the same thing so I figured it was cool to do. This might be a better photo than the other one, but since you can see their faces in the first photo I think it adds more to the story.


That’s all for now!

Jumpa Lagi!


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