Where I work…kind of

I work in a boring kind of mall. I guess it is a mall, I am never sure what to call it. You will see why I think. But when I am walking to work or to get some lunch, I am always struck by the almost brutalist beauty to the building. It is called PV 128. PV I believe is a big real estate company, as a bunch of the apartment towers near my work are called PV-12, PV-15, and so on. So last Friday after grading all of my exams, I decided to walk around and take some photos of the place and try to capture the weird beauty I see.

One of the apartment towers behind PV 128


I love this shot. No idea why, but I just love it
Most of the top few floors are empty. It is a weird little building.

Okay, so that is the “beauty” part. Now some random shots to give you an idea of the neighborhood I work in. It is called Setapak. It is about 12km from our apartment. It takes me about 18 minutes to get there everyday with traffic, mostly at that intersection where people LOVE to go the wrong way and get made at me for daring to use the road properly.

Looking south towards KLCC. It is much closer than it looks in the photo
Looking north towards the mountains
Looking west towards, well, a strip mall I guess.
Part of where I work. Yeah…I love it, but we need to change the name!


Jumpa Lagi!



2 thoughts on “Where I work…kind of

  1. Nice place! Setapak is where I used to study at, there’s a big university there called UTAR. There are a lot of students living around the area but I guess you already know that. Not the best neighbourhood though, so you should be extra careful when going out 🙂


  2. Thanks for the advice! Luckily (i guess) I like in Desa Sri Hartamas. My wife had her job first, so we live near her job in Mount Kiara so she can walk to work. I am the lucky one who gets to drive on Lebuhraya Duke every morning!


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