The Deepavali Carnival at Bukit Jalil

Every year there is a big carnival at the National Stadium, in Bukit Jalil. This carnival is mostly a shopping experience, and mostly has women’s clothing. We went again this year because, well, it is fun regardless of my dripping cynicism in the previous sentences. Also, last year we had this thing. It was kind of like a deep fried grilled cheese sandwich but it wasn’t. It was some kind of Indian dish. The people who we bought it from old us the name of it, but we can’t remember and have never been able to figure out what the name of this dish might be. Alas we did not have luck finding it this year but I did manage to take some nice photos!

I got lucky that some random person got in my shot. This turned out better I think then the one I took after yelling at her (in my head of course)


Just to give you a rough idea how crowded it was. Spoiler alert: the answer is very. Very crowded.


Apparently this is the world’s largest oil lamp! Take that…uhh…whoever is in second place!
Oh don’t worry, someone we love very much will be getting a shirt like this for Christmas


My favourite shot of the night! Since we could not find the food we wanted, we just went home and got cheese na’an take away from our favourite mamak!


Jumpa Lagi!



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