Picture of the week

So once again, I am really bad about remembering to post a picture of the week blog. I think what I need to start doing is make it a NEW picture of the week blog, instead of just using older photos. Then I will be forced to go out and take more photos, which is something I have been meaning to do for some time now. Anyway, apologies are done so here we goimg_2639

I just noticed that in this photo you can see Iris in one of the rear view mirrors. The photo became even better. This is a picture of our taxi driver in India. The day after the wedding our group decided to take a tour of the some of the great (and giant) temples of Southern India. We had two auto rickshaws take us about. Iris and I were in this one, and the three ladies were in the other one. So for a lot of the day, this was our view.

From a picture perspective I like the framing of this photo. If I was editing it, I would trim a bit off the left side, just to make it a bit more square and even. If I could go back in time, I would sit on the right side of the seat and take the photo. Actually, I did take a photo like that in a different rickshaw. Hmm…not sure where that photo is. The city we were in was very small in relation to the mega cities of India. But traffic and the utter mass of humanity was still an issue there so a picture like this just brings me back to the whole experience. Looking at this photo I can see all the people whipping by, I can smell the sweet fragrances of the markets and the raw sewage mixing together in the hot air, which I can still feel on my skin. That is what a good photo should do: It should transport you to a specific time and place, serving as a bookmark in your mind for that experience. That’s it for now!


Jumpa Lagi


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