One last parental adventure-Singapore!

After returning from Bali and a fun weekend bathing baby elephants, we headed out for one final adventure, Singapore and Melaka! We took our last air asia flight where I saw this very intuitive and true gem:img_8441

I am always bringing solutions, 100%, all the time.

Since we decided to take a bus from Singapore to Melaka, our arrival flight was our only chance to experience the fun of Changi Airport. So we checked out some gardens, and sent our photos to the social tree!

Look at our big heads all over the world! After a little more nonsense in the best airport in the world, we headed out on foot to explore the city and ended our day at Gardens By The Bay:

After two visits to Singapore with Kevin, I finally managed to find the Chinatown complex hawker center, only to find it closed, of course. Our second day in Singapore was filled with fun new adventures: the Merlion, the Raffles Hotel, A few new hawker centres, and a cocktail at the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands. I was worried about being underdressed for the bar, but it seemed to be a pretty popular thing with tourists. The cocktails weren’t cheap, but only a few dollars more than the cost to get into the skypark, and since we had to try a Singapore Sling before we left, it was well worth it.

It wasn’t a long visit, but we easily fit all the highlights in. We spent one whole day debating whether or not to get the tourist cards for the Singapore metro. Next time we know, buy them at the airport (inside the airport before you get to the station) and you will definitely save money over the course of your visit, even if you only ride the metro 4 or 5 times total. This is my third visit to Singapore, and this visit only reinforced my belief that Singapore is the best place for people who need instructions for every aspect in life:

It was a great visit, and two quick days in Malacca were the perfect end to an awesome adventure!

One thought on “One last parental adventure-Singapore!

  1. Well, this certainly excited me for our Singapore trip!!!!! The metro cards sounds like somethiing we should buy….and I want a photo of me next to the floating baby!!!


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