Picture of the Week

Another post, another Hong Kong item. Again, I make no apologies-it’s a great city. This was taken outside of the city government building. It took me a hot second to figure out what these umbrellas were for and why they were in front of this random building.

For those who are drawing a blank, the Umbrella Revolution was a protest movement against increasing Beijing control of Hong Kong. Recently several of the leaders of the movement got elected to the Hong Kong city council. This will not give them enough power to really change things, but they can slow down what might be inevitable. When Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese, the British made them promise to keep it’s freedoms in place for at least 50 years. Slowly China has pushed back on these freedoms, much to the chagrin of the younger generations. The Umbrella Movement was people pushing back. Obviously China does not like having this little corner of its empire rebelling against it. It is the only place where there are remembrances for Tianammen Square. In mainland China you cannot find any mention of those events on google or anywhere. If you know anything about China, you can imagine that they are not happy about this situation.

Hong Kong is part of China but it is not part of China at the same time. If you ask most people where they are from, they would say Hong Kong not China. But eventually 50 years will go by and China will act quickly to bring Hong Kong into the fold and get rid of the freedoms it currently enjoys. Maybe. Because it is a former British colony, I think a lot of people in the West are aware of what is happening there to some degree. (did you know a few book sellers who dared to sell books critical of the Communist Party went missing recently) When the West is paying attention, it is hard to get away with things. If The West is not looking, you can do whatever you want sadly.

Anyway, here is the photo.


These two umbrellas were stuck in the railing outside the municipal building. On the driveway was a lot of writing in Cantonese, which I cannot read but given the context I could probably guess what it says. I took a few more photos and wanted to take more, but two security guards were looking at me. While I am sure I was doing nothing wrong, I still don’t want to attract the attention of the authorities wherever I go! I have a great camera, a Canon 70D, but I am not fully versed in how to use it. When I get somewhere, I mess around with the settings until I find something that works for the type of photo I am taking and the weather. For most of Hong Kong, I was using a setting made for intense colors, and a light setting designed for shade. While it was not shady that day at all, I found that this setting really brought out some deep colors in the buildings and made for an overall photo composition that I was digging. While this photo was my favorite, I tried a few with a different focal point:


My framing was a bit off as I was becoming very aware at this point of the security guards. While I am sure I was doing nothing wrong at all, it still made me a bit worried. I was trying to get the umbrella in the background as the main focus, but make sure that in the foreground you could see the phrase “umbrella revolution” to give a context to the photo. So a good photo, just a bit off. And the top photo has some sins too, but I like it nonetheless. So it gets this weeks title of “Picture of the Week”.

Jumpa Lagi!



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