Hong Kong foodie: How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 23

I think that is a play on Hong Kong Phoey…which I think is a play on Baba Booey which is a play on something else. Anyway, welcome to the hole my brain falls into sometime.

So the last post for all about the buildings of Hong Kong. This one is all about the food! We actually did not eat as much as I thought we would, but what we did eat was really good!

First up, some pork noodles. The place had a line outside, so we figured it must be good, and it was. Now we mistakenly thought it was a Michelin starred restaurant, which it was not.


But even though it was not a Michelin starred restaurant, we made up for that the next day when we ate at our first Michelin restaurant. How many times have I said Michelin starred in this post already? A lot right?

That is roast goose on the left and on the right. We were told by our food guru that this is a must have in HK. We tried to find a place that was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show, but with no look. This place had a line, so once again we figured it must be good.

And it was. The dish on the right is pork and goose, and it was amazing. My favorite part actually might have been the rice that was underneath the goose, absorbing all the juices. So freaking good.

One of the mornings we took an adventure, riding the subway about twenty minutes from Causeway Bay, which is pretty much central Hong Kong island, in search of Hong Kong waffles. EVERYONE said these were a must have, so we decided to try them at a place that most websites listed as one of the best in the city. It took some time to find it, but it was worth it in the end.


Above are the egg waffles. They are light, fluffy, with a small flavor of vanilla to them. Recipes vary, but they are essentially flour, maybe tapioca and custard powder, and some other stuff. They are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Just wonderful!

Below is just a random photo of the egg waffle stand. A waving cat and hand sanitizer. Something about this just screamed Hong Kong to me.


Last dish was the lunch we had at the airport. It was surprisingly good for airport food, but I am posting it more so for the randomness that is this dish.


I am not even sure if this has a real name. It was listed on the menu as noodles in tomato sauce. Again, it was something we saw on Anthony Bourdain’s show and when we saw it at the airport we just had to try it. It is a cross of eastern and western. This is apparently a big comfort food for people in Hong Kong and I can see why. With the egg and some beef floating around in there, it is a just nice simple meal. Really filing.

That’s all for the food!

Jumpa lagi!



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