And then…and then….and then and then and then!

So I’m just going to steamroll through the months between India and now. At some point I’ll go back to write about Myanmar. It was incredible, and Bagan was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been in my life. And I rode a scooter, which was a pretty big deal for me because I’m not a great driver and I’m also not great at riding a bike. Granted it was an electric scooter that went top speed about 40km an hour and there was no traffic, but still. Enough about that, like I said , I’ll write about Myanmar another time. Now a speedy trip from April to August. Right before Myanmar we had a visit from my Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim. They were only here for 4 days, but we hit the highlights, and even squeezed in a trip to Melaka!

img_6756Visiting the fireflies where Kevin was constantly annoyed by the child making noise, and I was terrified a crocodile was going to eat us. It was still pretty fun though!

Next I spent May and June working on planning a field day for our school. Did you know you can’t get ribbons here. You know like first, second, third place style ribbons. Medals we could get but ribbons they don’t really do. Thanks to Bryan I now have some for next year! Anyway, I mostly spent time focused on work and walking past this guy every day on my way home.

img_7591 Kevin and I also spent one day fasting during Ramadan to see what it was like, no food or water sun up to sun down. Of course that meant we had to break fast in an exuberant way of course:

We ate outside right behind the Petronas towers. I don’t know what Kevin is doing, I believe he is extremely thirsty at this point, and about to lick my face. I also got the best birthday gift: A DURIAN CAKE! from the wonderful people I work with, who are really the best:


Just before that we headed to the duty-free island of Labuan for our Hari Raya Aidilfitri break to enjoy a little beach time, snorkeling, duty-free beer and chocolate, and a….jacuzzi tub! (It didn’t work )

We also snuck in a visit to Brunei. The sultan’s palace, the largest privately owned residence in the world, is opened every year during Hari Raya. Everyone gets a free meal and a gift. The men can meet the sultan, and the women can meet his wife. We didn’t quite have time for that, but it was an awesome trip. The wonderful Dawn and her husband picked us up from the ferry and showed us around their lovely country.

Kevin in the palace with his gift
This is the house where the sultan was born. About 1% of the size of the one he lives in now.

We also fit in a trip to the swankiest movie theater that cost less than 10USD a person. It had reclining lazy boys style chairs in the theater, and free massage chairs in the lounge where you waited for your movie to start.

Maybe not the most exciting few months, but I wanted to share anyway. 🙂 Seriously, those recliners were awesome.

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