The (Lovely) Red Wedding

This red wedding was just red in theme and attire, no blood, no Starks, no Freys. I suppose it has been a while since my last blog post. You know, like 8 months. I would apologize, but it’s all’s dumb fault. This dumb website and I got in a fight, and I got mad at technology. Anyway, Kevin fixed all that for me and now I can finish this post I started way back in March when we got back from India.

This March we were so lucky to be invited to the wedding of one of my lovely co-workers. She grew up in Brunei, but her parents are from India, and her husband is from India as well. Before we went, Sharon helped me pick out a sari in Kuala Lumpur, which of course, had to be purple.


P.S. I could never in a million years put this thing on myself. One of her cousins came and tied it for me. The top was made to order from one end of the sari fabric right after I bought it.

P.P.S. Notice that insane trash can in the hotel lobby. Awesome.

Anyway, we arrived at like midnight the night before the wedding, and had no clue what was going on. But we met up with everyone in the morning, and got to meet lots of the family before we boarded a bus and headed to the Christian church for the wedding.

IMG_6308 Here’s the beautiful bride just a bit overwhelmed by the ceremony. Notice the jasmine in the hair of the woman in front of me. This was a very common thing to do in Trichy, and I even got some the next day. It smells fantastic.


Look at the beautiful couple!!!  The ceremony was mostly in Tamil, though some was English. It was interesting to hear. There were also like eight pastors officiating. Also, there was this very interesting band that also included a clown and a rip off Mickey Mouse. I asked Sharon and she told me she was also shocked by them. That they rented the band, they had no clue these characters came along.

IMG_6354After the ceremony we headed to the hall next door for the reception. We got front row seats! I was so honored, and super surprised. I can’t imagine if weddings in the US were like this. It’s custom to invite practically everyone you know, and you feed everyone. Sharon was on the stage under spotlights without air conditioning in 90 degree heat for more than 4 hours. But the happy couple were so gracious. We got to help them cut the wedding cake! After Sharon and Harrison fed each other, Sharon fed me, and Harrison fed Kevin, it was great! We had a delicious banana leaf meal upstairs with biryani rice. IMG_6357

The next day involved a few hour bus ride into the heart of Tamil Nadu, to Sharon’s mother’s house. This is the tradition where the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house and takes her back to their house. It’s very significant, and shows that the bride has become part of her husband’s family. The husband’s family brings offerings like what you see on the tray in the picture; bananas, jasmine, etc. The husband puts jasmine in the wife’s hair as a symbol of love. As you see here, Kevin did an excellent job, so he must love me very much.


We spent the next day sightseeing with the wonderful Dawn, Wendy, and Lai Wan. We had a blast, and it was amazing to see India for the first time in a city that wasn’t very touristy. The huge temple we went to was the largest hindu temple in India. IMG_6426IMG_6436

Trichy is a small city by India’s standards, with just under a million people in the city. So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to run into these two adorable people Friday evening after all of our sightseeing. IMG_6448

It was an amazing, and so very special trip. Sorry it took 8 months to write about it.

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