Picture of the week

Maybe picture of the month. This might be one of my favorite pictures I have taken while living in Malaysia. The minute I saw the opportunity I knew it would be a good photo. I just had to find the right spot to sit down and hope my subject would not move.

The location is the Batu Caves here in Kuala Lumpur. When we first went with my friend Miranda, there were monkeys everywhere! So we assumed it was always like this since the temperature does not change that dramatically and it was August. Hence, that meant they would be there year round since August is kind of hot here. We went again in April with Iris’s Aunt and Uncle, promising them a beautiful Hindu holy site filled with monkeys and of course there were none. So this time around, when we visited with Iris’s parents, we told them there might be monkeys but we could not so for sure. Not only were there a ton of monkeys, there were baby monkeys! The little guy (or girl, I really have no idea) in this picture seemed like on of the younger ones. I figured the contrast of the brown fur with the yellow gates and the gold statue behind it would look really great in the shady mid morning sun and I was correct!


Nailed it! I got a lot of shots in but I think the one above turned out the best. Here is another one so you can see the difference between the close up shot and a wider angle:


A good shot, but personally I like the narrower angle on the first one. It also captures the curiosity on the monkey’s face a lot better too.


That’s all for now.,

Jumpa Lagi!



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