Kuching a.k.a the time I flew to Borneo just to see the Orangutans

Iris’s parents have been in town for a few weeks now, so not a lot of posts. But is kind of a low key day on their itinerary so it seemed like a good time to post!

I will let Iris post about their trip as whole…maybe she will do it. I believe she still has a draft from our trip to India in March that she is trying to finish. So for now, I am just going to talk about my experience in Kuching

Kuching, aka the word for cat, is obviously known as Cat City. It is the capital of Sarawak, one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Iris and her parents went on ahead of me, but I joined them last Friday. I flew down after work so I could go see the Orangutans with them!

The word Orangutan comes from two Malay words: Orang, meaning man, and hutan, meaning forest. So literally it means man of the forst. It was a term initially used for humans but eventually was given to these apea. There is a nice preserve and rehabilitation center there for Orangutans who have been injured or run off their land. (Check all your food and cosmetics for palm oil and avoid it!) There are about 28 Orangs in the reserve, but most of them are considered wild and are seldom seem. They have three different stages of rehabilitation: Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary. Because some of them are not yet able to find the food on their own, they have a feeding area. We got to see a big male as we waited for feeding time, and then at feeding time we got to see the mother and her baby. There was another female there but as you will soon see, the baby was obviously the star of the show.






Because we were in the jungle, we also got to see some creepy crawly things!


And then there was this guy. Apparently he had been misbehaving, and being here was his version of jail.


That’s it for the Orangutans! I’ll have some more to post on Kuching and food later!


Jumpa Lagi!




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