A quick update and a Picture of the Week

It feels like it has been a long time since I have posted on here. The last post was only 2.5 weeks ago but it feels much longer. Truth is, not much has happened since then. This is the best part in many ways of living abroad: live becomes very normal. We go to work, we spend time together at home, and sometimes on the weekend we explore our new country. This time of year is busy for Iris as she is making reports and getting ready for the end of the term. That means that on the weekend she is writing reports and as such we do not go on too many weekend adventures. No problem, just means I get to sit by the pool and work on my tan.

Additionally, I feel like the last few weeks have been a lull because coming up we have some exciting times coming up. Iris’s parents will be here in 8 days! We will be taking them all over Malaysia, including Borneo, and Iris will be taking them to Bali. Without me, but I have an exciting adventure planned here in KL without them!

A few weeks after that, Iris and I are going to Hong Kong on a weekend adventure full of architecture and food!

Then my parents are coming in December and we will be taking them to Vietnam! So our weekends might be a bit dull not because we can’t handle the excitement, but because we have to save some money!


But in the meantime, I have been very bad about my picture of the week posts. So I want to start that up again right now. Here is one thing I will NEVER get used to:


This is part of my morning commute. I am on the correct side of the road, the left in this case. The cars in front of me are trying to avoid waiting in traffic. They want to take a right hand turn right behind me to get on the expressway. So they line up about a block away from here, and when the lights work out right they drive on the wrong side of the road. Hence the situation today, where I got stuck between lights and found myself facing oncoming traffic. On the wrong side of the road. And they get mad at me, honking their horn and giving me the middle finger. Even though I am right. I am not used to that yet!


Jumpa Lagi




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