A long time coming: How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 19

A long time ago…well maybe two or three months ago, Iris and I went to India and Myanmar within a week. We ate a lot of good food and had a ton of fun. So much that I needed a long time to process all of it. Hence the extreme lateness of this post. So without anymore delay, let’s see some food from our trip to India!

Truth be told, I am missing some photos from India. Or at least, they are at home on my  computer and I am here at work writing this. I uploaded all the food photos I could find onto the site so I could write this at work, but apparently I missed a few. But here are two of the great dishes we had. The one on the right is pretty typical of most meals we had in India. Briyani rice, served on a banana leaf, with some great trimmings. On the left is the chicken they were cooking up to feed the hundreds of people at the wedding we went to in India. Both of these pictures are from that wedding meal.

UPDATE: After writing the above paragraph, I found some more photos from India! But I am lazy and did not want to delete the above paragraph….


More Briyani rice…



The day after the wedding we went out into the middle of nowhere in India, to visit the Bride’s mothers house. Seriously, it was some country ass country town, the type of place that I would never visit on my own. So needless to say, it was great! Once again, it was a banana leaf meal and it was great!

It was also our first time trying betel leaf. It is suppose to help with digestion but I am still positive I remember reading that it was highly addictive. But then again, I am not here shaking and willing to kill my mother for more betel so maybe I read wrong…


Pani Puri…No idea what it is but it was good. Fried flour and cheese, works for me!

One final flourish of all the great food we ate in India!




Okay, on to Myanmar. Now here, I do have a ton of photos. A lot. I actually do not think I ate this much food in Myanmar but I guess I did. We were there for over a week so it makes sense. This are in no particular order.

Everywhere we went in Yangon, we saw noodle stands on the side of the street. It is something of a national dish, heavily influenced by the Chinese obviously, and very good. I will say on a macro level that the food in Myanmar did not blow me away. I think it is because living in Asia for a year now, I am used to Asian style cooking in general. More specifically, living in Malaysia I am used to some really good food, and Myanmar just was not as good as what I can get daily in KL. I think if I had visited from America directly I would have been more impressed. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t amaze me as I of course hoped. Now, if we had been able to find the ant salad dish I desperately wanted to try maybe it would be a different story. We did try to find insects to eat in Yangon with no luck.

One restaurant I wanted to go to…I can not remember the name of. but I saw it on a few “best of Yangon” lists. Essentially it is a giant buffet with all sorts of goodies on it, but mostly curries. Myanmar lies between India and China. Historically, it was been pulled between those two and the food of the country reflects that. We have already seen some noodle dishes influenced by China, now let’s see some curries influenced by India!

The chicken
The beef
The beef guts
The tofu
The giant buffet of curries



Tea leaf salad! Another national dish of Myanmar!

Now, since pictures say a thousand words, here is a whole bunch of words!



Now, a few dishes I wanted to single out, because they were freaking awesome!


It’s a little blurry, but this is a peanut curry. It was amazing! We had it twice and both times were amazing!


There were black rice cakes. Essentially pounded flat and cooked up. They were sweet and slightly chewy. Amazing!


These are stuffed tofu bites. They were filled with cabbage, peppers, soy sauce and some other goodies. They were great! I only saw one stall selling them, but I have to imagine that others are peddling them, they were too great to be a secret!

Finally, two food related pictures that do not involve eating, or at least me eating.

Offerings for Lord Buddha


Lastly, me feeding birds on our cruise down the river in Yangon. They did not like my offerings, despite my wonderful efforts to throw the food right at them. I do look good in that longyi thought…

That is all for now.


Jumpa Lagi!

Selamat berpuasa!



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