The Petronas Towers-Picture of the week

One of the things I never get sick of seeing here in Kuala Lumpur are the Petronas Towers. They are also called the Twin Towers or KLCC. KLCC is the name of the subway stop below the towers but the towers and the mall below them tend to all get called KLCC.

These are a few pictures from a long time ago…well, February. I see the towers everyday. I see them from my apartment. I watch them get bigger as I drive to work. I watch them light up at night, and I see them shine in the morning sun. While every once in awhile I take them for granted, when I take a moment to stop and look at them they never fail to disappoint me. I am biased, but I do believe they are some of the more beautiful skyscrapers in the world.

I took these photos about one week after getting my new camera. This was really my first time trying it out, and I was still getting the hang of it. I was also discovering that my zoom/macro lens does not work with this camera for some strange reason.


Two different settings, two slightly different photos, but beautiful in any light.


Jumpa lagi!



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