A weekend adventure in Chinese breakfast food-How To Lose Weight in Malaysia part 18

Listen no more apologies! If your world revolves around getting updates on my eating habits here in Malaysia then I only have one thing to say to you: Congratulations, you are living your life right! But in all seriousness sorry for taking so long in between these posts. The truth is that we still eat and we still eat well, but what was once a rarity has become common place for us in terms of our eating habits. That does not mean we have done it all, not by any means. For example, our weekend adventure this past weekend was to the new (maybe improved) Imbi Market.

Imbi Market was for a long time a Saturday morning staple for a large portion of the city’s population. It was outdoors and on the street, as most markets are in Malaysia. Because of construction on the giant Bukit Bitang City Center project, the market was closed until a new fancy indoor location could be built.


As Iris observed upon entering the place, it seemed like an attempt to become like the great hawker stall centers of Singapore. But this being Malaysia, it is not as well organized and clearly marked. Also as you can see, a lot of Chinese. Most of the places had English translations but not all of them. A lot of the stalls were empty still including the food I really was looking forward to, carrot cake! See any posts from trips to Singapore for reference. It is awesome!


This is the big stall in the place, a Hainanese breakfast place. The Chinese population of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur comes from all over the place, but a large segment comes from Hainan. This was the place we had wanted to eat but as you can see, it is crazy. There is no real line, you just find a table you want to eat at and stand as close as you can to the people sitting there eating, waiting for them to leave. Really uncomfortable for Westerns perhaps, but the whole personal space thing is not really a thing at all here to most.

So we set out to find other foods. And we were not disappointed.

Breakfast food in Malaysia is pretty much just food. While some things like roti chanai and nasi lemak are strictly breakfast foods, the ingredients are used in the same combinations in different dishes and called lunch.

We went for some pretty traditional Hainanese breakfast foods.


On the left we have kaya toast and half boild eggs. On the right is Hainanese coffee. It is a combo of coffee, tea, milk, and sugar and is very tasty! The eggs are served to you in a tin of boiling water. You are told to wait four minutes until the are ready…or I guess in this case half ready.


Popiah! One of my favorites. They are wraps made with I don’t know. Its sauces, some crunchy stuff, and shredded white carrots! They are excellent, even if they were not the best I have ever had like these ones. Even a bad popiah is better than no popiah!

A final shot of the towers on the way out. Some line about modernity and ancient beliefs and so on…


That’s all for now.

Jumpa lagi!



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