Pictures of the week

For the first photo this week, I have a lovely little shot taken on the roof of part of a temple complex in Tamil Nadu, India. I think the picture, with the colors and shapes, speaks for itself. I would add a little back story. You had to pay 20 Rupees or so to go up on the roof. This is not a lot of money, even if you earn your money in Ringgits like I do, so of course we said yes. We were directed to go around the corner, where we found a staircase. No one there to take our ticket or stop us from just walking up there without ever paying.

Once you got up there, it was hot. You had to take off your shoes, because it is a temple of course. Most of the time we were walking around it was not too bad. There were a few runners of fabric on the ground or some shaded part to walk on. On the roof, the runner did not matter. It was roasting. I am positive I got a few blisters on my feet in large part because of walking on this roof. But a chance to see the second largest hindu temple complex in the world from a slightly elevated height? Worth it.





The second picture was one I set out to take. No accident, entirely planned. To me, the auto rickshaw is a symbol of India. So I nicely squeezed my way into the middle of the seat, pushing my wife against the side, and took the shot. The hardest part was finding a time when we were not whizzing around the city. It was amazing to see how people drove and the amount of traffic in a relatively small city of India (750,000).



That’s all for now!


Jumpa Lagi!



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