Pictures of the week

Now that Iris and have gone big time, aka we paid for a better version of this website, we have a lot more room for photos. This does not mean I will post more photos in our adventure or foods blogs. I put a lot of photos in those posts anyways! Instead one thing I want to start doing is pictures of the week. These might be simple pictures of live here in Malaysia, or maybe some artsy type photos and the story behind them. Today, a little of both.


Above is the before…below is the after…


Before and after what you ask? Why seeing me and my wife of course! I do not think it is because we are so kind looking. And while we were making faces at this kid, it was only after he started looking at us. We like children and we have none at the moment, which means that when given a chance to play peek -a- boo with a kid, we do it. One of the highlights of Myanmar was sitting on the circle line and trying to make the most unhappy kid ever laugh. He did not find my many attempts to make him laugh worth the effort as he did not smile once. But usually children are fascinated by us. Maybe I am wrong, but I still think it is because we are a novelty to young eyes. This young man for example, probably only sees Chinese faces all day. And while I am sure, living in Malakka, he was seen other white faces, he is a child and can not remember them. This kid was crying, crying, crying until he turned around and saw us sitting there. Then suddenly, no more tears. Then he would look back to his grandfather (sitting on the left in the photo) or his parents and start crying again. I like to think it was because of the terrible Chinese karaoke on the stage we were listening to, but I am guessing it was more child like. Eventually he would stare at us again and stop crying. Finally the crying fit to end all crying fits came and his grandfather tried to walk around with him a little bit to get him to stop. It did not work. So of course he brought him to our table to say hello. He made funny faces, gave him a finger to latch unto and presto! He stopped crying.


….until eventually he started crying so much even our beautiful faces would not pacify him. Kids!


Jumpa Lagi!



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