Ooh that smell-How To Lose Weight In Malaysia Part 16

For once, I can answer the basic premise of this ongoing series of blog posts: You lose weight in Malaysia by going to the longest night market in Kuala Lumpur-Setia Alam!

Iris and I have talked about going there for awhile but, you know, we are lazy. It is only about 30 minutes away but that seems a lot longer when you have been sitting by the pool all day. But Saturday we managed to overcome ourselves and make the trip.

Setia Alam night market is 2.4 kilometers long. That is 1.5 miles for you Americans or Liberians out there. Now this is kind of a misleading number. The market is very big, without question, but I think that distance is going up one row, and coming back down on the opposite side of the road. While these two rows all have unique stalls, saying it is 1.5 miles long makes the mind think of one long stretch of market.

(Editor’s note: I have tried about 20 different ways to upload a few choice photos from our adventure but they have failed on all accounts. So you will have to use your imagination for the following items:

-What deep fried whole octopus looks like

-What the ad in front of the stinky tofu place looks like

-A random shot of people walking down the night market aisle

and some other things that frankly I can not remember, because I can not get the photos to load onto the blog!)

First stop,something we knew and something new



The top picture is carrot cake, aka white radish cake. As regular readers might know, this is one of my favorite foods here in Malaysia. This one was a bit cold, but still fantastic. The bottom thing, I have no idea what it is. It was a sweet, coconut tasting pastry. Iris ate most of it, while I ate most of the carrot cake.


Next was the main course I suppose, of noodles. It was Mee Kolok. We had little to no idea what it was other than noodles with pork. Upon getting home and looking it up, that is pretty much what it is. Iris had the red noodles, I had the plain ones. I have no idea what the red sauce is that made the noodles red, but it was really good! It included ground beef and roasted pork. Apparently it is a big dish in Sarawak, which is the Borneo part of Malaysia. Pretty tasty all around. (And apologies to Iris for putting a picture of her eating noodles on here)

We got a little desert for later, Kaya Puffs! A favorite of ours for sure. Iris goes to a night market near our apartment every Thursday and gets us Nasi Lamek and Kaya Puffs. These were not as good as those Kaya Puffs, but still tasty. Kaya is a swee coconut jam. Generally it comes in two kinds: The green kind, and the brown kind. The brown kind, as I call it in a simple fashion, is sweeter. The green kind of more natural coconut tasting.


There was a wet market, which smelled bad and we did not get anything from. Then, as we were walking back to the car, we found it: Stinky Tofu! This was the big item I had wanted to try at this market, as the version sold here is suppose to be pretty good. I first noticed it by the smell. I can not stress enough how bad this stuff smelled. It smelled like something died, got eaten by something else, then that thing died, was eaten by a third thing and that thing shat it out. Then someone ate the shit, and died.

Or to put it nicer:


So there is Iris’s feeling on how it tasted. It smelled just about the same as well. I of course, had a different opinion of it:


And another video where I repeat everything, but offer some good advice at the end


So that was our trip to Setia Alam, minus a few pictures that this blog apparently hates and does not want to let me show you. You get the general idea though!


Jumpa Lagi



3 thoughts on “Ooh that smell-How To Lose Weight In Malaysia Part 16

  1. Omg, you actually tried it. I’m Malaysian and I wouldn’t go near it with a 10-ft long pole. Hope you enjoyed your night market experience!
    You should really visit the one in Taman Connaught, Cheras, KL if you have time, they have some good stalls and unique foodstuffs there too.


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