Weekend Fun Times!

Kevin’s post about Thaipusam really did a nice job describing what an incredible experience it was. An incredibly  moving thing to experience and see for sure, and we’ve been beyond blessed with amazing kindness and hospitality, especially from Sara and Francis! 

We’ve been lucky enough to follow up one amazing weekend with another! Chinese New Year is coming up soon, and decorations and celebrations are already in full force. Our friends Jo Ann and Ken invited us out to experience Yee Sang. This is a Chinese New Year tradition that is mainly found in Malaysia. It’s a huge plate with tons of colorful ingredients:  

 Common ingredients include salmon, jellyfish, nuts and radish. Ours had pomelo, and some other citrus, I can’t remember all of them. They pour more things on top as well. Then you toss the ingredients up in the air and mix them all together: 

 While doing this you call out well wishes for the upcoming year. You toss it high and try to get a tall, high pile of awesomeness! By the time you finish it looks like this:  

It’s surprisingly tasty considering it’s a ton of very different types of ingredients thrown together. The most amazing part of it all? Kevin ate fish!!!! He hasn’t had it since he was a kid, and he actually liked it! We also ate jellyfish, but honestly it all just tasted like a citrusy delicious new year. 

Today is Federal Territory Day, which is just a day to celebrate Kuala Lumpur as a city. It means another 3 day weekend! More time for adventure! We have a new Occupational Therapist at work, and she’s from Thailand. I was so excited to get a chance to show someone new our great city! Our course that meant a trip to the towers! 

Obligatory shot of the tower! Welcome to KL!
Dancing lights at night reminded me of the unicorn poop commercial my mom made me watch
No trip to KLCC would be complete without Malaysiab food in Suria KLCC mall!  

Excited for Cendol and ABC ice!

Sadly the Durian cendol was all finished, but the desserts were delicious anyway. The one on the left is the cendol, which is made with coconut milk and red beans and some green jelly stuff. ABC ice has sugar, peanuts, corn, jelly stuff, and a ton of other interesting ingredients. It’s like a creamy snow cone with kitchen cabinet crumbs thrown in too. That sounds gross, but it’s delicious.  

Being ‘corny’ eating ‘corny’ ABC ice! A big thanks to Kapook for the great pictures!

This dinner was at the Little Penang Cafe. Perfect since next weekend, that’s where we will be! Also, here are a few more pictures from last weekend.



   Jumpa Lagi!

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