That time I took 12 flights in 20 days (Part 3, finally!)

Sorry guys I was all in to describing my crazy trip and then I got distracted by life. Sorry. So where was I? Oh yeah I had just had a crazy, amazing, wonderful two days with my amazing family and friends, and next I headed out on flight 8 for the wedding of two of the greatest people ever…in Mexico!IMG_5958Seeing me off at the airport…sad to go, but excited they packed me this for the trip:IMG_5959

Those are pictures for flights 8 and 9: first to Charlotte, then to Cancun!! We were all staying at the Azul Beach Hotel which was beautiful and romantic, and I’ll have to go back some day so I can share it with my lovely husband. IMG_5966I found these beautiful ladies hanging by the pool bar! So happy to get to spend time with them!

IMG_5965IMG_5961IMG_5963Stool in the shower…ooh fancy! IMG_6001IMG_6004IMG_5999Gorgeous sunrise, swinging beach beds, and little kid size pool loungers! Adorable! After a great welcome dinner and getting a chance to get to know all the wedding guests I didn’t know, and catch up with the ones I did know, it was off to rest up for the big day! 

  The beautiful bride getting ready in the beautiful villa! So exciting! Before Mo met Wade I thought it would be close to impossible to find someone who would be good enough to match the genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, insightfulness and sincerity that I so admire in Mo. But Wade is a perfect match for Mo, and together their awesomeness just make you want to vomit, or be honored and excited to bask in their greatness. IMG_5971Beautiful ceremony on the beach.IMG_5972So glad I got to see these two gorgeous folks!IMG_5975Private pool at the private villa where the reception was. P.S. We later jumped in this lovely pool with our dresses on…but first:IMG_5973
So happy that these ladies are as important a part of my life as they were 14 years ago when we met! Also, I left the dress I bought for the wedding at home, but my Ross’s Dress for Less last minute was a pretty decent stand in. You can always count on the US to find anything you need to buy at any time of day! IMG_5976Adorable first dance to The Lumineers and then:IMG_5982IMG_5980the parent dances…they were so sweet! I thought I had mostly escaped the waterworks, but I was just crying like a baby by the end of these dances. The best part of the wedding was that I still had a  whole day to spend with all the wonderful wedding people. Sunday was spent trying to get some sun in between bouts of rain. But at a gorgeous all-inclusive resort with amazing people, it could have been a monsoon and it still would have been the best time ever. It might not have been the best idea to stay up until 4am drinking wine and talking about everything…but it wouldn’t be a visit with Sophia and Mo if I didn’t. IMG_6002Monday morning, crystal clear blue seas and skies…sad I have to leave it :-/ I was lucky enough to be on the same airport shuttle as Judge and Sophia so I got to squeeze in a little extra time with them. This of course led to me making a fool of myself by bawling in line to board the plane. I was a hot mess getting on to: Flight 10: Cancun-DallasIMG_6015Goodbye beautiful Mexico! A quick stop in the Dallas airport gave me my last chance to grab some American food. Since it was Texas I had to get some barbecue and macaroni and cheese before grabbing some Auntie Anne’s pretzels for my:

Flight 11: British Airways Dallas-HeathrowIMG_6017My good luck with flights ran out here. Full flight and I was stuck in the middle of two strangers. But I have to say, British Airways has the best headrest design. Plus I got a toothbrush kit in economy, nice! IMG_6019This visit to Heathrow was much smoother. Although I did have extra time to buy some duty free delicious chocolates, because of course the Malaysian Airlines flight was delayed coming from KL. It may have been delayed, but eventually I was finally on Flight 12: London-Kuala LumpurIMG_6020Same big seat with lots of room on that big Airbus A380IMG_6021Bye bye BritianIMG_6023Finally home after 10 glorious days of travel. Tired, crazy jet lagged, so unbelievably happy to have had this opportunity, and such swollen ankles! 12 flights in 20 days, 1 week of jet lag recovery, three blog posts, and so many great memories!

Jumpa Lagi!


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