A mega edition, but hopefully it won’t lead to a mega me: How To Lose Weight in Malaysia-Part 14

I am going to be quick and to the point on this post. Not a lot of playing around. I could talk a lot about the culture traditions behind a lot of these foods, or some deep meaningful thoughts about what these foods tell me about the culture I live in. But let’s be honest, you are all here pictures of the food!

(I did buy a new camera so some of these photos might be a lot higher quality, but probably not. It is so much easier to just use my phone!)

(Also these are in no particular order or not necessarily even organized by meal)


First up, let’s take a little trip down the street do our favorite mamak restaurant, Spicy!

These pictures are from a few meals we have had there over the last few weeks. It is cheap, good, and a tad bit heavy as a lot of Indian food can be. This is Pahadi Paneer. I was not really sure what it was when I ordered it, but a quick google search showed it had no seafood in it so I was good to go. Lots of veggies, lot of spice (coriander I believe being a main one) and very tasty.


Speaking of paneer, here is some more! This is butter paneer. Again, wonderful stuff. Especially with naan which they make in a tandoori oven right on the street.


Above, good naan…below….



Great paneer! The top is garlic cheese naan. It was amazing, but apparently there is even better naan out there in KL to discover. I might make it my personal mission to find the best garlc cheese naan in Malaysia.


Okay, a weird shot here of some laksa I got take away a few weeks ago from The Kitchen, this weird but good upscale kind of Chinese hawker stall center place right in front of our building. I saw weird because, well, it is just kind of weird to me. It is a big vaping hang out spot, and has a few places that serve western style food like chicken chop…not sure what that is but it is very popular in the west according to the sign they have in front of the place. This stuff is another one of those “national” dishes and is hot as shit. At least this version was. Veggies, chicken, an egg, noodles, and a whole bunch of spices.


Next up, one of the “Best Malaysian Restaurants” according to Time Out Magazine. It was a bit tough to find, mostly because we suck at navigating but also because street signs are kind of not a big deal here. But we finally found it on a nice quiet corner right off the main drag in Bangsar. Bangsar is a pretty trendy spot in KL, kind of like Carytown but bigger and more Asian. This place did not disappoint.


Above is Iris’s dish. Also, I should point out that technically this is Nyonya fare. It is Malaysian, but Chinese Malaysian. They have been around in this part of the world for a long time and many of their dishes are essential national dishes at this point. Iris got Ayam O. Ayam means chicken, not sure what the O is for. It is a clear ginger soup served with chicken, tapioca, shallots and salad leaves.



I went for Mee Goreng Sejuk. Mee means noodles, goreng means friend, and Sejuk means something I am too lazy to look up in the dictionary. But it is fried noodles with sambal and a twist of lime and was really good.


Okay, lastly Iris and I visited a Chinese Coffee shop, aka a hawker stall area, off of Petaling Street, which is China Town. Which is weird in a city that is almost 50% Chinese but whatever. Anyway, most of the customer were Chinese so that is always a good sign.

I just love how the guy set up our utensils.
Pork noodles! Amazing and super cheap!
Roti Chanai, always a pleasure to see you again! The lamb on the right, it was okay. But nothing to write home about…except I just did! Ah super meta end to this mega blog post!

Okay, that is all for now folks. I am old, so it is time to go to bed. Remember I am one hour ahead of you…but that still does not make it better…


Jumpa Lagi!



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