That time I took 12 flights in 20 days (Part 1)

When my school term ended December 4th, I was so excited to get some real travel under my belt here in Malaysia.  Of course I never thought the first long trip I’d take from KL would be back to Richmond…yet it was. Before we moved here, we knew the fantastic Mo and wonderful Wade were getting married in Cancun in December. We were hoping we might find a way to make the trip…but we knew between work and the cost to fly around the word, it didn’t look very possible.

In August, after we realized Kevin’s work schedule would be much busier than mine, my darling husband suggested that I should do it, I should make the trip out to Cancun for the wedding. After copious amounts research and calculations, taking into account the 14 days I could be out of the country without restarting my tax deduction count, and making sure I could get home to spend Christmas with Kevin, I had an insane itinerary all set.


Flight One: KUL to SIN (Changi Airport) After a great dinner with all my coworkers, which was a great end to the term, I only had a few hours of sleep before I headed out at 4am to KLIA2 to hop an Air Asia flight to join Kevin in Singapore.


A day out on the water enjoying the sights of Singapore, including the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and the next day was the hottest marathon ever (but Kevin finished!! So Proud!)

Monday Morning it was a flight back to KL before hopping a flight to Langkawi!


Empty gate in Singapore…I’m not a happy camper…


Flight 2, Lesson Number 1: Any flight coming from or leaving from KLIA is most likely going to be late unless it’s the first flight of the day. Our flight from Singapore to KL was delayed 2+ hours because the place hadn’t even left KL. Worst part was that you go through security at your gate, and then you have to stay there. We were already past security at our gate before they told us of the delay…we couldn’t even enjoy the awesomeness that is the Singapore airport.


We did get a chance to take this photo with some storm troopers before heading out.

Leaving Singapore so late meant we missed our next flight to Langkawi. Air Asia is a point to point carrier, and they don’t do connections so they don’t have to take responsibility when their flights run late. So even though our flight from KL to Langkawi was also Air Asia, I figured we were screwed…but since we had given ourselves 3 hours in between flights, Air Asia actually put us on the next Langkawi flight free of charge without any hassle, I was shocked! Lesson 2: Air Asia, although super inexpensive, and often a huge hassle, is sometimes super awesome. Not only did we get on the next flight, but we got the extra nice seats.


Flight 3: KL to Langkawi…a few hours later than expected, but note the red headrest…nice seats! Very happy to be headed to paradise! Kevin already posted photos of our little trip to paradise, so I will just add:


Pretty nice view for an airport…waiting for:


Flight #4! Of course it was coming from KL so it was over an hour late. But no worries since I had 3 days before flight number 5! Next…8 flights in 9 days!

Jumpa Lagi!

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