“Don’t worry, we will kayak it off” How to Lose Weight in Malaysia part 13-Special Langkawi edition

Good lord that was a long title. You hated reading it? Imagine poor me, sitting here in my swimsuit after enjoying a little pool time in the wonderful “cool for us” 100 degree weather. Happy December everyone!

That would have been more of a vicious taunt if not for global warming or El Nino or whatever has decided to give my friends and family in NY a decidedly warm and green December (Side note: how many of you, upon reading ‘El Nino’ thought to yourself “That’s spanish for…The Nino”? Jayci I am looking at you…) Here in Malaysia, the weather is a constant for sure. Always hot. Always rains sometimes between 3-6 everyday. Seriously. One day in class it started raining at 11am and we all stopped what we were doing because it was so weird! This weather, or really the heat, might explain what happened to me earlier today(I can not be too specific about who I was talking to or about what we were talking about…that is a secret for now)

Other person: Okay so Wednesday, then we are off Thursday and Friday for the holiday, and we start on Monday

Me: (thinking about how Malaysia celebrates a holiday every month and how most of them I have no clue about yet) Holiday? What holiday is it?

Other person:….uh….

Me: Oh yeah, Christmas!

Anyway, a little side story. About two weeks Iris and I went to Singapore for the weekend so I could A) leave Malaysia in order to enter it and get a new 90 day tourist visa since I still do not have any other visa and B) wilt and melt in the sun aka run the Singapore Marathon. Afterwards we went to Langkawi for a few days. There will be another blog post on Langkawi another day, but for now I will just let you know it is a VERY old island that sits at the far northern end of the Malacca Straits, which are quite possibly the most important shipping route in world history. It is basically a few GIGANTIC rock formations that came up out of the ocean via a volcanic eruption or something like that 500 million years ago. Most of the island is one of three things: UNESCO Geopark, beach resort area, or Kampung/rice paddy.

But more on all that later. (like how I have now swam in the Indian Ocean!) For now, let’s just talk food. If you are facebook friends with me, then you have already seen all the photos…except for the food ones! I held those back for the blog! Iris and I have done a good job of “eating local” if you count rice and stir friend veggies as marginally local, which we do. A lot of it has become very common for us. (seriously, how will I live without Roti Canai when/if I move back to America??) I write all this because I realize that after living here for 6 months, I have “only” written 13 or these losing weight blog posts. Don’t get it twisted, we eat a lot of great local food here, not just the rice we make. We make our own Malaysian/Chinese/Korean/Indian food at home, and we still eat out together at least once a week. I eat lunch out a lot more because there is no fridge/microwave at work, but all the stuff I eat is such a normal part of my life. So I do not take pictures of everything we eat and frankly if it is not good enough to write home about, well, I don’t!

All that being said, Iris and I did eat pizza one night on Langkawi. Our flight got in much later then we had originally planned and damn it we were hungry!

One night we decided to go to the Malam Pasar, or night market, in Langkwai. The island is small enough to drive around the whole thing in about 1.5 hours, as we did one day, so having one market in a central location near the main populated areas makes sense. Honestly I went there hoping to find good food AND a cheap sarong. (men wear sarongs here, get over it). Well, the sarong did not work out that night but don’t worry I got one literally on my way to the airport. But the food was just what I was hoping for.

(What is not pictured are these amazing little pastries that tasted JUST like pancakes but with a sweet sugary filing and red bean paste. AMAZING!) We ate them so quick that there was nothing left to take a picture of!)

My noodles. Iris got the flatter, wider ones

First up, mee goreng. Or fried noodles with some bean sprouts and obviously some soy sauce. So goooooood! A staple of the Malaysian kitchen for sure. Notice how it is served. (For for carry out but take home as they call it here. Took my a while to get use to that) It is a little looking portion but there are a lot of noodles in there. It is put in the paper, then folded up real tight and secured with a rubber band. All for about 2RM so like under 50 cents USD.


Ha I should really start writing down what this stuff is before I post about it on here. I THINK this is a curry puff…Iris do you remember? I seemed real intent though on taking a picture of the inside.


Okay this…I have no idea what it is called. This is at least my third or fourth time having it and every time it is from a clearly marked stall that sells only this so obviously whatever is written on the board with a price next to it is what this dish is called…but I never remember it or take a picture of it. But it is a northern Indian aka Muslim dish. A kind of egg/bread omelette with onions, potatoes, and a choice of meat on the inside. I got beef, Iris got chicken, and they looked and tasted the same so who knows what one we both ended up with. But seriously, how can you resist it? Look how good it is?!?!?

Last, the desert I remembered to take a picture of:


Yeah fried dough…how anti climactic is that?? You think I am really going to end a blog post with something you can get in America and is soooooo good everywhere you find it? Yes I am

Jumpa Lagi!


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