The Weird, the Odd, and the Stuff You Just Don’t See Every Day…Unless You Live In KL

So this is a bit of a photo dump. I am cooking dinner and need something to do while I wait for my gorgeous smelling ginger/coconut rice to cook. So why not blog? Some of this might not be that unusual, but it does not fit into anything I would ever really right about on it’s own. I mean, I usually write about food and how much I sweat, but still, something different. And some of these, to be fair, you can probably see in America. It has been four months since I have lived there, and in an effort to fully embrace the ex pat lifestyle I have forgotten everything I have even known about America. (‘Merica will always live on in my heart though)

photo 1

So turns out there are a lot of places to buy English language books in KL. I thought this would be a problem, and it is: It is too easy to find great titles! This is the big bookstore in KLCC, totally zoning on the name but as none of you know it anyway, let’s just said it’s called Bookland. So anyway, at Bookland they have a lot of great books, even a few I could not find in Richmond. This was my first trip there…with Iris. I had sadly already been there two times before. Last time I was there, I was spending a bit of my birthday gift from Allie and Shirley, my in-laws.


Here is that haul. And yes John Heise, I did buy A Personal Matter because you recommended it and I bought War and Peace so you would have someone to talk about it with. Most bookstores wrap their books individually in plastic. I am not sure why, but Iris believes it is so people do not read them in the store. She is probably right.


And here is that first book case without me hugging it.


A random book cover from Malaysia. As Iris put it, he might be the most ethic/racial fluid man ever.

20150904_140157 (2) 20150904_142338

Here we have Junk, a used bookstore in my favorite neighborhood, or at least the one I seem to visit the most. Know what it is? That’s right, this blog is interactive! It is a great little store run by two old Chinese Women and has a random selection and a random order for putting things on the shelf. I will have to visit again…and again and again in order to figure it out

New Topic!


A fun ride in the mall. Yeah, that is Steve Irwin. It’s pretty neat.

(And the answer to the quiz question is Masjid Jamak)


Nothing special, just an apartment complex with the same name as the amazing Sophia Glock!


So these are actually all over the place. Usually they are a bit hidden but this one is right on the corner of a semi busy intersection near where Iris works. They are Chinese obviously, and are for worshipping….something…or someone. I do not know. But they all have incense and oil in there, presumably so anyone can stop by and make an offering.


Me feeding an ostrich. Don’t see that everyday. And I was not scared…not at all.


Okay seriously, is this an Amish crossing? There are not horse drawn carriages in KL so I am not sure what this whole thing is about.


Frankly, this is just graffiti. He is the first President of the Country. The pose is from his famous “Merdeka” speech, declaring freedom for all Malaysia.


Underpass of a highway. There are a lot of ads on these pillars. One near my work has something a big different: It’s a big tribute to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. (Which by the way, does not get too much coverage in the news here, only when they have a new lead to where it might be and even then it is reported very carefully. A lot of Malaysians, especially the Chinese, blame the government for how poorly it was handled after the fact)


Yeah, they have big malls here. This is not even close to being the biggest one. But it does have this however:

20150720_144921 20150720_151913

An amusement park with a roller coaster in it!!

It is shockingly a bit expensive for only have like 5 rides.


Also in the mall, at least on this day, is a guy playing an umbrella as an instrument. Yeah, China. Crazy place. This was a travel fair with a bunch of Chinese travel agencies there. One of my students was telling me that this is kind of traditional, the umbrella, in China as far as an instrument goes. He compared it to taking a blade of grass in you hand and “playing” it. Makes sense.



The haze…when we first moved here everyone warned us about the haze, saying that it lasted a few weeks and that was it. But now it has been about three months, and they are saying it might be around until March. It is from farmers in Indonesia burning the land to make room for palm plantations. Indonesia says they can handle it, but they can’t. Malaysia and Singapore offer to help and Jakarta always says no.


Iris posted this once but I have to share again. It is Ben Stiller’s head photo shopped onto someone else’s body, and inside a nice frame in a very nice store. Why???


This one I saw on the subway and had to take a picture. People thought I was weird but come on. I get the Maradona thing I think. He is world famous, even if he has not played in almost 30 years. But the believe in god, invest in gold thing threw me a bit.


Of course, this threw me off to. It is Slick Rick hair gel. Awesome!


Only a few more years until The Terminator comes to take English classes at The Language Studio.

Sandy Heise, since I am sure you did not get that joke: Skynet is the name of the company in the movie “The Terminator” that created skynet, a robot that took over the world and killed most of humanity)


Iris found these in KL last week. My favorite halloween candy ever!! I was so happy to be able to have a bit of comfort food, even if it is just sugar and other bad stuff, here in KL.


Great name for a store that sells pretty much only back packs.

And last photo, a “gift” from a few of my student’s for my birthday.


One of them also got me a dry erase marker, which she then used to make this drawing. Cute kids, even if they sometimes annoy the bejesus out of me.

Okay, that’s all for now!

Jumpa Lagi!


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