I made it and I didn’t make it-How To Lose Weight in Malaysia Part 11

I like to think that my titles for these blog posts leave little to the imagine and a lot at the same time. But that might just be because I usually write these before dinner, when I am starting to get hungry and my mind starts to wand…what was the name of the bad guy in Tron? Oh man, this is going to bother me now…are you still here? Okay, fine then I will post something about food.

First up, something I made! I make a lot of food here in KL. Tonight we will be having some leftovers of a dish I made a few days ago. It is a simple dish, pretty similar to something I would make in Richmond when we lived there. Just rice and veggies, but we add sambal too it, which is a wonderful chili paste sent down from the gods themselves, that is pretty ubiquitous to Malaysia. They use it mostly on Nasi Lemak, which is also something I made and lo and behold, that it the first dish to talk about here!


So there is a nice picture of it. As you can see from the egg, the whole vegan thing is not in effect right now. I will go back to it for sure, but I could not move to another country and not experience all that it has to offer, and that includes meat and other animal products. The egg is a traditional part of the dish, so that is how we made it at home. And by we, I mean me with a lot of emotional support from Iris. (An aside-Do not take that as a sign that Iris does not make food. Maybe my favorite dish we have made at home here so far is Kimchi pancakes, which she makes, and they are awesome!)

The rice is coconut rice, which I have always wanted to make. Wait scratch that, I have always wanted to make it right. I have tried in the states before and failed miserably. But this time: Success! It is coconut milk, water, ginger powder, and a few bay leaves. The recipe calls for slices of ginger too, but the grocery store we went to did not have any that were cheap or something we were going to pay for ever in our lives. (Another aside, they were 15 ringgits, which is really only about 4-5 dollars. But we have been making our money in ringgits long enough that I tend to think in terms of that, not US dollars. Today while we were talking around I yelled at a taxi driver because he dared to try to charge me 7-8 dollars for a cab ride. The nerve! Well actually, yeah, the nerve. We were near Chinatown, and we were white. We are still white, and were in past, and might be in the future too. But because white people + tourist destination= no meter two cab drivers would only take us if we paid them 30 RM for a ride that only costs 15RM. The one driver started to tell us why this was a good deal and I stopped him, informing him very loudly that I live here in KL so I know how much that cab ride costs and he is charging way too much. Side note to a side note: The taxi drivers here complain a lot that their business is suffering because people have cars and because of Uber, but really it is because more than a few of them are crooks that will not use their meter and will turn you down for no particular reason. Back to the main side note: We tipped our driver today, the one who would take us without hesitation while using the meter in an effort to help our karma and his)

Well that was a tangent. Where was I? Oh yes, Nasi Lemak. After the rice, the dish is very easy. Cucumbers on the side, peanuts which I fried myself and they were quite good, and sambal. The sambal was store-bought. Eventually I want to try to make my own at home, but this was fine for now. Usually it comes with fried anchovies or scuttle fish, but as neither of us likes fish, we skipped that. (although sambal does have dried prawns in it, but you can not taste it at all and it does not trigger Iris’ allergy)

Now for the stuff we did not eat.

Last post was about Indian food at Jai Hind, which was one of Time Out’s best north indian restaurants in KL. Excuse me, last post I wrote. Our last post was about our shower drain…

And it was good. Good enough to write home about apparently since I did blog about it. (Another side note: I do not blog about everything. Sometimes this is because it is, to us at least, ordinary, like if we visit our favorite mamak. Other times, I forget the camera or forget to take pictures of the food! Last night we had Nasi Goring-fried rice- at a nice little restaurant. Iris had it plain, I had it with meat-datang. It was okay, not bad, but pretty ordinary as far as nasi goring goes so like I said, nothing to write home about…except I just did….oh man, my blog has gone meta and the universe it exists in will now fold in on itself, just like the drive of the ship in Event Horizon…oh man now I am scared of Sam Neil again!)

A few days ago, after looking at cars, we decided to hit up another restaurant on that list, Ganga Cafe, as we would be going past it on the train anyway. It is in Bangsar which is a trendy little area where we actually went to for brunch this very morning. After getting a bit lost, and very hot, walking there, we found it. It was on this very little side street with about three other restaurants in an otherwise very residential restaurant. It is a vegetarian restaurant, borrowing from both…heck I let time out tell you about it:


Ok so I can not copy and paste from the website. Check it out if you want to know more.

photo 1 (2)

We just asked the guy to give us what he thought was good, and he brought us this. it is an Indian salad he swears. So that is yogurt plus veggies and some kind of cereal in it that neither Iris nor I can remember right now. It was good, different for sure but that might be because I have not had yogurt in a long time and forgot how tart it can be, but still good.

Next, the main course. Sorry for a lack of pictures. Both of our phones died right after these pictures were taken.

photo 3 (3)

Not pictured is the roti chapati we had to go with this. So lets see how well I can explain what all of these are. The yellow one in the middle was squash or pumpkin of some kind, we could not decide. At the 9pm position to that was paneer, simple farmers cheese, which was great. Going clockwise now, we had tofu in a tomato sauce, some kind of fake meat which tasted like seitan I thought. Then something I honestly do not remember what, then okra, then a spinach dal. All very good and flavorful, and nothing too spicy. The three thing off to the side are rice, and two kind of dipping sauces for the roti we think. Honestly I do not know. I have gotten little things like this at other Indian restaurants and I generally have no clue what to do with it.

Okay, that’s all for now. Oh, except for this: Iris and I did take our first Bahasa Malay class, so I may switch up my signature sign off for now. Sometime it might not even be a goodbye, you’ll have to translate it to find out!

Saya sedong pekai kemeja berwarna kuning!

Ha that might not translate right, but it is this: I am wearing a yellow shirt. Which is true!

Selamat Tinggal!


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