Oh yeah, we did eat that/a few things we did not eat-How to lose weight in Malaysia Part 9

So this is a bit of a photo dump. Sometimes I am bad about remembering to take photos of the meals we eat. Sometimes one of us eats something new and excited that is not a meal. Maybe it is a snack. Or a desert. Most likely it was a desert. And sometimes we do not eat something but have to take a picture of it anyway. That is the case in one of these picks for sure! So some of these are from awhile ago, a few are from last night. I present them here in no particular order and with more than a few comments.


I might have posted these before but I can not remember. Nor can I remember what in the heck that bottom dish was. The top one was pepper tofu. Pretty good. We got it at a stall on Jalan Alor street, a pretty famous food street here in KL. The bottom dish is a typical Vietnamese dish. Noodles, veggies, tofu. That is kind of it. Still good, but nothing to write home about…except that I just did. My blog has gone META IT IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!

Okay, now that the danger has passed, back to food photos.


Also seen on Jalan Alor, this stuff. Yeah, that is duck heads for sure on the right and on the left, it is penis of some kind. I have not tried either of these yet. There is a place that serves torpedo stew near us, aka penis soup, that I do want to try. But in general, this does not look good. For Jayci I will say clearly, That penis does not look nice. Take it away Jayci.


This is rambutan. This means hairy fruit. I have no idea why it is called that. Oh wait, sorry, I was channeling my mother there for a second. This is a fruit made for eating. It is easy to peel off a little bit, the flesh pops right off, and usually the seed comes out easily. It takes like a pear.


So that is Iris eating rambutan obviously and looking cute….just as obviously.

Near where I work is a nice little Syrian/Iranian bakery/grocery store. It is a wonderful little place. Iris and I used to get the most wonderful pastries there until she said we could no longer get them which is probably a good idea. Somewhere I have photos of those pastries but I can not find them right now.

So now we stick with their hummus and their bread, both good and cheap. When I used to get myteksi cabs, I would wait for them in front of this store. One day, the woman who runs it started bringing me out food. At first, it was two sweets. Then she brought me this:


It is a homemade spicy tune roll. I do not eat tuna. But if I have learned anything from watching way too many travel shows, it is that when someone offers you food you eat it no matter what. So I did, and it was good. They do make fun of me for how often I get hummus there (maybe twice a week) but other than that it is a wonderfully nice place to visit.


So this is really old but it is one of the many varieties of Hari Raya cookies available during, well, Hari Raya here in Malaysia. That is the Muslim holiday at the end of Ramandan. I bought a lot of these at the grocery store when we first moved here in the name of cultural exploration. Yes I know, I suffered a lot in order to understand my new home. Basically everyone sells the same cookies, and they all say they are homemade even though clearly they are all made at the same place.


I have eaten these before. See the Chow Kit post. Again, have no idea what it is but its onion and egg in a flour shell kind of thing. Very good and cost RM1 I think, which is about 25 cents. Good deal!

Last night we decided to explore Ampang Point, where I work. There was a nice little hawker stall center I wanted to try. Long story short, we went to the wrong one but no one was there anyway. On our way home we went by the one I had meant to take us to and it was booming. Next time! Instead we tried an Iranian restaurant a block from where I work. I have been meaning to try it and these seemed like a good opportunity. IT WAS AMAZING!


My dish: Chicken and Lamb kebab. The quality of the meat was amazing it was was cooked perfectly. And came with some wonderful white rice and saffron rice.


The saffron rice, which is the yellow block to the left, was amazing! Maybe the best rice I have had ever.

Iris fell in love with her meal. Honestly I thought she would leave me for this dish if she could, if her marriage to these dish would be legally recognized. Stupid Kim Davis….oh wait, I mean thank you Kim Davis! Thanks to you, my wife will not be leaving me for a piece of meat. I will remain her piece of meat. See what I did there? Yeah I am pretty clever.


Iris got the lamb. It was melt in your mouth good. The soup type thing on the bottom right was…we have no idea. But it tasted like butter so yeah it was good. The relish type thing on the bottom left was a little spicy in such a wonderful way. Seriously, well cooked meal all around!

Next up, desert! Earlier in the day I had been to this Korean restaurant, B Station, with my boss. She is best friends with the owner. We ate with the owner and a Japanese reporter who had been at our school to cover the release of our new video, Uptown Funk. I’ll post that later on facebook. So it was a little embarrassing to go again but I was excited to share one of my favorite deserts with Iris.


I think I have posted about this before. It is, I believe Pat Sing Bu. It is a blended red bean custard ice desert covered with brown something. It is not brown sugar, that is all I know. On the right is Korean rice cakes/balls. They are made with glutinous rice and is chewy but good.

Oh yes, and the squid: We didn’t eat this


That’s all for now. You got a long post last time, now you get a short post. Next will be a collection of random photos and thoughts, if I remember that I just told all of you that it would be next.

Selmat Tinggal!


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