How to lose weight in Malaysia Part 2

How to lost weight in Malaysia Part 2
I think I am actually losing weight in Malaysia. When you look at most of this food, it is not too bad for you. Most of it is made with unprocessed ingredients. And the portions of pretty small. Also I have started running again and, spoiler alert major first world problem coming up, the AC in our gym does not work that well and it is very hot in there. All that sweat probably helps. So does walking everywhere.

Finally a breakfast food!
Iris’s Aide told her that breakfast food is not something a lot of people visiting or moving to KL get that into because really, it is very similar to the food at every other meal! Rice, meat or something like that. There was only one dish she named, Roti jala. We had it a few days before she mentioned this, but the restaurant we ate at called it Prata. Either way, we can just refer to it as Malaysian/Indian pancakes.


So we got four different versions of it. The one in front of me (hint I am the one taking the photo) I believe was the plain version. The one to my right was Prata Banana. The one in front of Iris was Prata Cheese I believe, and the last one was the Prata butter I think. It was all sooooo good that which type was which kind of blurred together. The banana one was my favorite. As with the na’an from an earlier post, it was served with a few dals. I honestly do not remember what the red stuff on the far left was, but the two dishes to the right are a mild and hot dal.


So here is a dish that is not a dish, but I legitimately have little to no idea what I ate. It is from another Indian place right around the corner from our apartment. It is a buffet style place, or at least is this time of year. A lot of places are buffet style at night because of Ramadan. So we went to this restaurant on the recommendation of the people whose condo we were staying in before we got our apartment. You go to the buffet and are served by a guy who just points at the dish and says yes or no. I know that there were some potatoes on the far side of the plate, some chicken next to it, some cucumber dish, some pork, and a friend egg. That’s about all I got for what I ate. But it was very good for sure. We also had our first Lassi’s at this place. Mango to be exact and it was great. Lassi is great for eating spicey food, as the fat from the yogurt coats the tongue. (If you have not guessed yet, I am no longer sticking to a vegan diet while here in KL…for now)

So this….this might be one of my favorite meals so far. It was a banana leaf restaurant right next to Iris’s school. We walked there from our apartment, just to see how far it was and what kind of walk it was. It was about 1.2 miles and except for a semi steep semi big hill at the end of the walk, it was not too bad. Iris can share more about it if she wants, but it is a doable walk in the morning depending on the weather and timing which is another benefit of our apartment location. We planned on trying out a banana leaf restaurant as there have been a few that we have seen in our early travels here.


So there is the meal. They do have a menu, but you can select the banana meal. First you picked a meat. We went with pork. Then a parade of waiters come by with serving dishes to offer you a few different options. Rice, yes please. Cucumbers? Why not! A spinach dish? For sure? Something else that Kevin can see in the photo but can’t remember what it is? Yes please again. Then an option of dal to put over the rice, some crispy roti, and then….something. You can see it in the photos, on the left hand side of Iris’s leaf. (my left not hers). I think he side it was fried peppers of some kind but I cannot be sure. But it was good.
They did offer us silverware but we went traditional and ate with our hands. There were only two other people in the restaurant, which was mostly full, using their hands so it was not common but it is the traditional way. Basically you take one of the dishes, add it to the rice, and try to make it into a little ball to pop into your mouth. We started to get the hang of it, slightly, by the end of the meal. Once we were done, the big question: How to fold the leaf? This is a big deal. If you fold it out, you are saying that you did not like the meal. (If you are at a funeral wake, you fold it out as a sign of respect/mourning) If you fold it inwards, you liked the meal. So that we knew for sure but which way is in and which was is out? Does “in” mean folding it towards you or towards the inside of the table? We googled it while sitting there and found pictures and websites that said different things. I got the attention of a waiter, folded my leaf and asked if it was okay. He gave me the ambivalent shrug I have gotten a bit here so we were not sure at all. So we just left it open and walked away…after paying of course.
Maybe soon I will find a store and find a cable for my old camera to get those other food pictures off of it. I do have a card reader…but I did not bring it with me to KL. I am sure the whole time reading this my father has been wondering why I did not use the card reader, since he was the one who got it for me for exactly this reason!

Selamat Tinggal!


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