No pictures just words

Our realitor just told us he might not be able to show us apartments in Segambut, the neighborhood we are interested in, because it is not safe. He reason for it not being safe is that there are a lot of migrants living there. Which is interesting considering that this a country where about half of the population is from somewhere else originally. Also, in a neighborhood of 800 dollar condos, how “seedy” can it be? Color me confused for sure.

Right now we are staying in a very nice condo development area in Mount Kiara which is where Iris’s school is. Kind of. Its on the otherside of the neighborhood. We can see her school from the infinity pool on the 33rd floor of the building but to be far we can see the whole city from there. We have gone up there the last two nights to see the skyline all light up. It is nice, but obviously the main attraction is the twin towers. They are quite beautiful and do live up to the hype for sure. The complex we are staying in is very much a little bubble. Mount Kiara in general is ex pat land. Now most of those ex pats are asian so for us it is still different, but a privelaged bubble nonetheless. There are five pools in the complex along with two gyms, two roof top lounges and a whole lot of playing courts for tennis and badminton. We  are staying with a nice British couple who contradict my upcoming theory: british people do not like to acknowledge us. I think it is something about perceived british superiority but secretly i suspect that in a land where they are different and high up in social standings, to acknowledge me when i say hello would be bad. Twice i have had british women not move when getting into an elevator as i was trying to get off it. They have to get on first for some reason.

Okay mini rant over but i might revisit the realtor thing because i just dont get it.

Last night as we were walking to dinner w e heard our first calls to prayer. It was the Maghrib, or twilight, call and it was very cool. It is beautiful, much like church bells. There have been many reminders that we are not in Kansas anymore, but the call to prayer was a big one. For the record, we ended up eating ramen at a great japanese restaurant where everyone else there was japanese. For breakest we had hainan chinese food. Day before that, it was indian food for dinner and my version of heaven for breakfast, a chinese hawker stall center. The food has been amazing so far! I did see durian for sale but i have not had any yet. Not sure if it is in season, but also i discovered that a lot of people hate durian because they are usually given the unripe or too ripe or just plain bad because the vendors know they can pass them off on tourists and they will not know the difference. Also some people hate it because it tastes really bad. Correction ig smells really bad it tastes good but the smell is apparently very very powerful. Still excited to try.

First real big new food for me to have with fish balls. This is the biggest one so far because if you know me you know I have had fish in about 20 something years. I had it at the Chinese Hawker center. I didn’t know was fish at the time but it wasn’t bad. It was good being pork buns or the balls or the spring rolls we had but still good.

First apartment. There is a girl who works at Iris’s school who is leaving  her apartment. It seems to have a lot of what we are looking for so we are going to check it out!

Selamat Tinggal


One thought on “No pictures just words

  1. I am enjoying your posts tremendously and am looking forward to the next adventure.
    Good luck with the apartment.


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