All our stuff in one place

This is our blog. There are many blogs like it but this one is ours. Mine and Iris’s. We will both be posting about our adventures and I imagine that you will be able to tell the difference between the our writing styles.
For now a few rules. There are many things we will post about on here. General musings about living in a hot tropical multicultural muslim majority country, the food with pictures for Jayci, some lyrical waxing about life in general, much more, and pictures of us sweating. Hence the subtitle of this blog: two americans sweating on the other side of the world. And always we will be honest….to a degree. Don’t want to get kicked out of the country after all!
But for now-moving. All of our stuff is in storage now. Here is a picture of it:


We took one more carload after this but essentially this is all we own. The house is empty. All we have with us fits in these five bags, plus two carry on backpacks and two “personal items”.


This is about 250 pounds of stuff that we are taking to Malaysia with us. Some highlights: an xbox, one game for the xbox (FIFA 15 of course), a few movies (Rhinestone, The Room, The Simpsons) two items from my massive Simpsons toy collection (doughnut head Homer, an old Bart Simpson), a picture of Alexander, the rhino Miranda got me in Africa, some pictures, some beading supplies, one whole suitcase of teaching supplies, two large bottles of Purity facewash, a few books, and some odds and ends. Which is all kind of boring. But the whole process of condensing our lives to these five bags was tough. I am only bringing 9 books with me, to a country where I will not be able to buy paperback books in English that easily. That was one of the tougher decisons to make. We love bad movies and wanted to bring a few with us. Tough decisions again! (Except for The Room. Anyone who has seen that knows it is the Citizen Kane of bad movies) Moving is a challenge no matter where you are going. But when you have to leave everything behind, material and other, it is especially hard. We will miss our stuff, but we will miss all of you more.

For the record, the books are: Ulysses, Anna Karenina, The Complete short stories of Jorge Luis Borges, Dhalgreen (science fiction), Brothers Karamazov, and KL Noir-a four volume set of gritty stories set in KL written mostly by Malaysian authors. Iris is only bringing six books. Love in the Time of Cholera, Kafka on the Shore, The Double by Saramgo or The Cave by the same author….Iris is sitting next to me and can not remember which ones. I agonized about what to bring. Iris, not so much. Opposites attract.

Selamat Tinggal!

4 thoughts on “All our stuff in one place

  1. Enjoy the simplicity! I imagine you will come back to the states with a new outlook on clutter! Looking forward to hearing about your escapades and ventures.


  2. and after being there for a month you will wonder why you brought as much as you did. 🙂 get a kindle/nook/tablet and get books there – never worry about getting a new book again, especially if you still have a library card – most libraries you can download ebooks from wherever, whenever. can’t wait to keep my eye on this blog! 🙂


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